Chinese iPhone Knockoff Engrish

posted on 26 Sep 2008 in Chinese Bootlegs

Wired just found some Engrish used to describe some Chinese knockoffs of the Apple iPhone that are being sold on Actfind (your source for blatant rip offs of intellectual property from China!). 

To the right is the “Shake to Control GSM Quad-band IP001” model, which looks like they just lifted an actual photo of the iPhone.  Part of the description of the item says: “Especial function: Shake to elect song, ditheringge elect motif picture.”


The photo here on the left is the “PDA Cell Phone – Shaking Control Phone Unlocked Tri-band P168S“.

I guess you really gotta ‘shake’ these phones a lot to make them work:   “Select next previous song by shaking the phone 3.5 inch Touch Screen QVGA high clear LCD display screen and 1.3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera. Also, it has MP3 MP4 Player function. Besides, it supports dual SIM cards for calling as well as Unlocked SIM card. If you buy now, we will send you 256M Card Free of charge. Now go ahead!”

Yes, lets!

  • coffeebot

    I don’t see any problem. I’ve been using a Chinese knockoff of an iMac aluminum keyboard called the iLumi for several ®∞∞∞∂∂ now ££™ß with ••ª˚˚˚˚∆¨ any ¡¡™ßß≥µ∫…≈ç yet.

  • nichi

    I saw in a Hong Kong magazine that the iPhone knock-off is called HiPhone!

  • bill

    There are many type of iphone clones, just like CECT 599, P168+, i9 and P169+, Hiphone and so on, but you can find all of them in there:

  • iphone clone

    you can find more iphone clone cell phone in here, such as i68,i9,t32,m88 and ciphone, just click here:

  • korissa

    wat kind of charger do they use?

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