Adult Engrish – Now Updated Weekly!

posted on 26 Sep 2008 in Engrish Links, Site

For those who enjoy a more raunchy form of Engrish, you are probably aware that we have a separate section that I call “Adult Engrish” (created to protect the innocent from offensive material). 

I used to do special themed weeks to introduce these vulgar Engrishes, but since the Adult Engrish is now in a whole separate sub-domain I thought it would be fun to update it weekly. From here on out a new “Adult Engrish” will be posted every Friday. It gets checked here

Adult Engrish of the Week (Click to See)

On another quick note – although many of the Adult Engrish are highly rated by your votes, they will never be seen on the Most Popular Engrish section. Again, this is an attempt to keep the site as family friendly as possible (at least a PG rating anyway).

  • coffeebot

    Engrish friendlys this, blur is made. It ambiguouses me: “you know” is mean ‘someone’ or ‘some thing’ of a do?

  • Ellen

    Yay! There’s really not enough adult Engrish right now.

  • “Huan”

    Good policy.

  • dangevin

    Super lucky! I can’t get enough!

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