Relief at a Japan Auto Show…

posted on 19 Sep 2008 in Fun Pics

Here’s a real test of the Japanese event companion girl’s composure… 

In a way, the Japanese event companion girl is like the British Buckingham Palace Guards – except that they stay smiling no matter what the circumstances. 

I am guessing that the origins are a Japan car show, although the boy looks Chinese (and I would expect that most Japanese mothers wouldn’t be doing this sort of thing…). 

Source: This Japanese blog (the blog doesn’t say exactly which event this is).

  • Jeff

    Certainly looks like it!

    More of the same…

  • Valerie S.

    That is so nasty, but so g*dd*mn hilarious, too!

  • Neb

    Oh, you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve lived in Japan awhile. While driving a little car around the Autopia at Tokyo Disneyland, I saw another Mom & Little Boy combo stop their car so he could get out and pee on the landscaping.

  • Xenobiologista

    I remember peeing in drains in alleys and bushes by the side of the road for emergencies when I was small (in Malaysia). But indoors? At a fancy car show? Do they not have readily accessible public toilets in Japan or what?

  • coffeebot

    The US Auto Market reeled at the news that the 2009 Japanese cars will indeed run on the urine of little boys…

  • Spoony

    Remember that dog drink from last week? Don’t get it.

  • yjrs

    I’m Japanese and I don’t think this picture was taken in Japan because I feel the atmosphere of the photo doesn’t somewhat look like Japan and the shape of the bottle that the little boy puts his dick in is rarely seen in Japan. And as you mentioned, Japanese never do this kind of behavior!

  • “Huan”

    The sweater and warm up pants combo worn by the child suggests China.

  • Ellen

    I don’t really think it’s gross. I mean, he’s just a little kid. Maybe not the most polite thing to do, but still not so bad.

  • AmericanGirlinJapan

    To say that people in Japan don’t do this sort of thing is absolutely ridiculous. I live in Japan and see this sort of thing ALL THE TIME. To include honcho (taxi) drivers pulling over on the road and kneeling to use the bathroom in the bushes. For some reason people find it completely appropriate to let little boys pull down their pants wherever.

  • AmericanGirlinJapan

    Additionally, according to the source of the picture, the event was in Hong Kong Disneyland, which would be proven by looking at the women, who are Chinese.

  • engrishwebmaster

    I would venture to guess that the photo is not from Japan, but there is no source that I can see that says it is from Hong Kong Disneyland. There is one comment in the Japanese blog that references that these things are common at Hong Kong Disneyland (since they get a lot of mainland China visitors), but it doesn’t say that the photo was taken there.

  • yjrs

    ah, you’re absolutely right, AmericanGirlinJapan.
    some taxi drivers or drunken men actually do ‘tachi-shon’ (pissing outdoors)
    It really pisses me off :)

  • coffeebot

    I’d rather be pissed off than pissed on

  • w00t0s

    *GASPS* This can’t be real. Man, this is horrifying.
    Yet it’s damn funny.

  • Yesh

    random person: excuse me, miss? where did you find the vending machine that sells those bottles of orange juice I’m really thirsty right now

    mother: this isn’t orange juice…

  • Gjloh

    Have a strong feeling he’s Chinese and so’s his mom and the girls. Clothing style suggests Chinese as does the girls’ features and posture of the girl in the back.

    I may be wrong, since I am of Chinese descent, but I cannot picture any Japanese mother doing that in a place like a motor show.

  • Vonzen

    guess she needed a refill lol

  • Trish Tesh

    I live in China and this is quite common here. Not unusual to walk down the street and see any small child squatting to poop or peeing on the sidewalk!! They even make split crotch pants for children for that very purpose. As for the girl who says “they don’t do this in Japan”..i say bullsh*t..been there -seen it- Japanese mother with Japanese child..i can tell the difference

  • Figure.10


  • John the Devil

    Tis not nasty nor gross, children will save the world, let us all be like one of them children!

  • http://begracious grace

    looks funny. think maybe its an emergency… boy needs a leak and nearest
    bathroom so far away….beats leaking all over.

  • Person-chan

    XD No bathroom at the auto show? Wow.

  • Pan

    definitely China, not Japan.

  • http://none AsianExpert

    The girl on the left is very likely not (Han) Chinese, given her facial shape, nose shape, body posture. The one on the right is probably Chinese. The kid is definitely Chinese — I saw this stuff all the time in Beijing, pooping, peeing, puking wherever was nearby. The logic is that the streets are already filthy dirty, so what’s the problem with adding a tiny bit more filth?

  • Electric Dragon

    Sorry, but I was looking at the two hot girls! ^_^

  • Claudio Toffolini

    quando scappa scappa

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