F*ck Fiat! Brazilian Engrish?

posted on 18 Sep 2008 in Engrish Links

 Um… well it’s a new car and we decided to give it a name with real flare. We call it the &%$@ Fiat.

Anyway, click on the image to go to the actual site (warning – contains four letter word that starts with the letter “f”):

F*ck Fiat!

F*ck Fiat!

Even the URL is messed up. Can anyone tell me what “f*ck” means in Portuguese? Apparently the “F*ck Fiat” refers to the name of the car dealership. 

Thanks to Eric Gibbs for the tip!

  • coffeebot

    I usually reserve that word for Fords

  • Danilo Lion

    I´m Brazilian and i´ll tell ya “f*ck” doens´t exist in portuguese , we know this word from english , the correspondent word it´s “Foda” … that is usually used like “hooowww cooolll!!” …. and sure , it´s used like “f*ck” too….. (my english it´s not very good, but i hope that it´s “understandable” )

    see ya

  • Julia

    I was just writing that this page was a fake when decided to search further. And it does really exist a car dealer named “F*ck Fiat”!!!!!

    If on this page http://www.fiat.com.br/concessionarias/pesquisaConcessionaria.do you enter “f*ck” in “nome” (name) and press “busca” (search) they show the address and everything.

    Btw, “f*ck” means nothing in portuguese but most people know the english meaning.

  • Julia

    Oh and the owner of F*ck Fiat also has this company:


  • Danilo Lion

    F*ck Fiat (and below:) Moved by Passion

    …..( And i´ve always confident about brazilian english…. oh Sh*t )…

  • Danilo Lion

    ….Ok , i´m Brazilian and I tell ya “f*ck” don´t have any meaning in portuguese…. , we just know this world from english and means…(oh… you guys already know…. ok…) , in portuguese “f*ck” it´s written “foda”…. (foda means the same as “f*ck” … and it´s often used like “wow , so cool !! ” meaning…. )

    Hope my poor english worked better than our Fiat´s ….. ..

  • Danilo Lion

    …correction in 2nd line: it´s WORD and not “WORLD”.,…

  • Danilo Lion

    and “yes” “f*ck” in this case it´s the dealership´s name……

    ( I´m here and thinking , that name might be on purpose of sound that way….. to be a “engrish”…..)

  • Eric

    It’s a last name in Brazil, nothing more. Just an unfortunate last name.

  • Gary S.

    I lived in Brazil. They love English. They also know that we in the U.S. consider the f-word to be a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad word. But I don’t think they really get how offensive it is to us. I had decent people, even very religious people, say that word and others to me just because they thought it would be funny to say it to an actual American. When I was not amused, they didn’t know why. That’s just how language goes.

    PS: it is *not* a last name in Brazil. Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Eric

    Gary, the last name might not be common, but some have it. Take this Professor of Geology at the University of Brazil.


  • http://Brazil? Junia

    It’s not a last name FROM Brazil. Maybe a foreign one, from Germany or something. The first name of the above mentioned professor is Reinhardt, so that should give you a tip.

    I am from Brazil and I didn’t believe the name of this car dealer until I checked the website. It is really funny, but apparently they have no idea what the word means.

  • Ben

    Yes, it is a german Name. There are many german names in Brazil. This site (http://www.verwandt.de/karten/absolut/fuck.html) tells me that there’s about 300 people with that name in Germany.
    We also have the name “Ficker” which is German for fucker. It is not a word we use though, so it’s nothing to call someone names, just morphologically it means someone who f…

  • Gwoopy

    There’s a Polish talent show on one of the Polsat channels this weekend (4th-5th October). I think it’s TVP2. The compere’s wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Fuk Religion- Talk To God”.

  • B3llit0

    The title is “F*ck Automóveis Ltda”. F*ck Automobiles Limited.

  • mcbalaban

    How do they pronounce it in Brazil? /fuk/ ?

  • B3llit0

    I can’t think of any other way, so probably.

  • ZumZum

    They, the Brazilian, would pronounce it ‘Fookee’

    Gary S : A Brazilian name doesn’t need to be of Portuguese origins to be Brazilian.

  • Bremm

    I’m sure it’s German, because Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul have a lot of families that came from Germany circa 1824.

    1st “German city” in Brazil was São Leopoldo, 30 km far from Porto Alegre.

  • Carrie

    Gosh! Well, most of brazilian people I know have a great english and know pretty well what the word means, even if we have a similar word (Foda) that means something is really cool, while “Foder” means to f*ck.
    So, I’m pretty sure is a last name….

    Still, if my last name was F*ck, i’d never use it in my store o.o’

    I’m brazilian, by the way.

    And actually, if I’ve seen the word I’d say like it’s said in english. Most brazilians that went to school would. I don’t know how the others would read since we don’t have the letter K in our alphabet.

    It’s really impressive! Made me laugh a lot!

  • B3llit0

    You have the letter in online-speak (chatês), it always annoys me when I see “akki” in those strange chopped-up sentences.

  • Patricia

    I am Brazilian and F*CK is a word most Brazilians know..Haha that’s so weird, I couldn’t figure out what they tried to say…

  • Simone

    I know a “Fucks” (with “s” in the end”) family living in Brazil, of eastern european descent.

  • Gama

    1 – Eric: UnB is the university of Brasília, not Brazil.
    2 – I bet this car retailer gets a lot of free publicity because of their controversial name, and they can’t be court-ordered to remove it, because it’s an actual family name.
    3 – Another famous German name is “Fuchs”.
    4 – You guys (Americans) call guys named Richard “Dick”, and nobody’s going to complain about Dick’s Car Retail.

  • Dixie

    Don’t forget about http://www.tomraper.com/ Indianas HUGE RV dealership. The billboards are enormous and go on for a hundred miles along the highways.

  • Camilo Martin

    Is it me or there is a huge brazilian traffic here?
    I’m brazilian btw =)

    And no, we wouldn’t spell “fookee”, only very ignorant people don’t know that word, and I highly doubt someone who has a car dealership would be so ignorant.

    I thougt i’d find the site down or something! It’s still there.

  • Yannush

    As for the German last name Fuck, there’s also a town called Fucking [FOO-king] somewhere in south Germany or Austria (I don’t remember exactly). Some company has registered a trademark “Fucking Hell”. And if you wonder what merchandise on earth could be named like that – well, it’s a name for beer. “hell” is German for “light”, so “Fucking Hell” is simply “light beer from Fucking town”. The point is that the mayor of Fucking (boy, he must have a hard life) doesn’t know anything about anyone setting a brewery in his town. So the most probable possibility is that the beer will be produced elsewhere, but the brand is everything!

  • Roberto

    Yes, it is a surname of german origins. I actually know people from the Fuck (it is pronouced “fook”) family who live in the State of Santa Catarina. I always wondered the huge amount of jokes they would have to bear when traveling to english spoken countries.

  • Mr Watawu

    Well according to the Americans it’s Korean.

  • RandomMe

    It seems that this car dealership has changed it’s name to Fiat Verità, look their new logo has the Italian colors and everything.
    Although it’s too late to offer this because they changer their own name three years ago.

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