Calm Down Monkey T-shirt Tribute Video

posted on 18 Sep 2008 in Engrish Video

I found this tribute video to the Calm Down Monkey shirt that we sell at the store. It is done pretty well!

  • coffeebot

    I’m glad it’s the Calm Down Monkey and not the Time of Growth Monkey. I hate that monkey. Er, chimp.

  • Spoony

    Spoony is own this calming shirt. It navy blues me. I have many enjoy the odd looks and expressions are people see it. It is good conversation starter among ladies.

  • “Huan”

    CB, why do you hate the Time of Growth monkey?

    Spoony- Among ladies? Why ladies? What do they say?

  • Spoony

    Ladies are admire Spoony in funny shirt. They are say “This is intrigues me. Let’s have sexy time.” See.

  • Fedor

    What’s even worse: IT’S NOT A MONKEY, IT’S AN APE!!!

  • coffeebot

    Time of Growth Monkey leers at me, gropingly.

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