Nose Products – Full of Happiness!

posted on 12 Sep 2008 in Fun Products

Photo courtesy Ben Spitz

Periodically I will get sent some photos of these nose clips. They look like clothespins for the nose, and I suppose people think that they can change the look of their nose using these things. 

The packaging on these two seem to promise a lot though:

“You wouldn’t miss a chance!”

“…and full of happiness”


“necessary for your nose!”







Photo courtesy of Azalea Tatal

  • coffeebot

    Thank you, Coco and Jiahe for my new beautiful look of nose! My Cleopatra’s nose if full of happiness!

  • Emily “Pirka”

    “Be a Cleopatra’s nose!”

  • “Huan”

    Nose full of happiness. This is bad. Just say no to drugs.

  • Spoony

    Many times they are make fun of Spoony’s big dog nose. Now I can smaller and have the better nose time.

  • coffeebot

    letter to model: Dear Nose Up Model, how do you keep all that happiness in your nose?
    reply to United Statesian: with this blue clamp

  • ari

    how can i order this ? im also asian and would love to fix my nose anyone that has any details plz respond to this message thank you

  • James

    Hmmm… I’m not sure that holding your nose shut really qualifies as “antibiotic deodorization”.

  • Narrowing Nose in NY

    Laugh if you like (and yes, the packaging is a riot; you oughta see the back of it!), this thing DOES, indeed, work. The exact same clip is now sold in the U.S. under the brand, “Nose Huggies,” only I got my Jiahe on eBay for 99 cents (free shipping, too!).

    This works because cartilage, due to its 75% water content, is highly maleable. Even plastic surgeons admit that.

  • Nose not yet narrower

    Ive been using this product (bought the Jiahe brand) and have been religiously wearing it 20 mins in morning and night since October 4th, with no real results :( I thought it was foolish to think this could work, but chinese foot binding and corsets have been shaping peoples bodies through pressure forever, so I thought Id give it a try. Im not so sure anymore, but I will keep trying for a full 3 months before I decide to toss it.

  • Linda

    It wrilly dosn`t help so mutch to get a smaller nose, or it dosn`t fix enything about your nose, all its fake, I have used it in a couple of weeks and im not happy at all with the results!

  • Jiahe User

    I have been using the Jiahe nose clip for almost three weeks now, and it has reshaped the sides of the nose higher and straightened the bridge a little bit. My nose tip isn’t drooping as much either. It looks straighter, but isn’t any narrower, which is my goal. If I can reshape my nose without spending thousands, it will be worth it. It does work, I can see a difference, but you have to be very disciplined to use it everyday.

  • Yugiro Fuma

    It’s God that gave you that nose, you should be happy you can smell things even if you think it’s ugly. Yes it’s maleable but by time it will just go back to its original form.

  • Sally

    A little history for the “Coco Nose Clip”- Cleopatra did not have a small, sloping “full of happiness” and wonder and sunshine nose that the Coco nose clip is trying to advertise

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