Visit gravesite and talk to the dead on your cell phone

posted on 10 Sep 2008 in Articles of Interest

QR Code Sample

84% of Japanese now use QR codes with their cell phones – QR codes represent a packet of information such as text, hyperlinks, photos, and sound. When using cell phones one simply takes a picture of the code and you can see the resulting information on your phone. Most often they are used in ads within magazines, on trains, etc. so that people can access more information or a link to a website regarding a product or service. 



Gravesite with QR Code

So why not use this technology to connect to our deceased loved ones? Now you can! A Japanese company called IT DeSign will slap a QR code on the gravestone of your dead family member so that you quickly access photos and hear their voice on your cell phone. For about US$10,000 (1 million yen), they will set up the QR code, and associated memorial website that you access on the cell phone when taking a photo of the code. Don’t worry – they’ll even set up a password for you so that strangers don’t go around grave-hopping and looking up the dead at random. 





You can generate your own QR Code here, and as of this posting there are 5 different iPhone apps that can read the codes for you.

Source of info found here (Japanese website).

  • coffeebot

    Don’t laugh: I randomly looked up some dead (at a cemetary) and the cryptkeeper was not amused.

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