Chinese Bootlegged Merchandise – Superhero Package

posted on 8 Sep 2008 in Chinese Bootlegs

I receive a lot of submissions containing bootlegged merchandise from China – DVD covers, toys, etc. The toys are not always covered in Engrish, but they are funny amazing to look at because of the blatant disregard of copyrights.  

Here we see Batman (DC Comics) mixed with The Hulk, Thing, Spiderman (Marvel) and incredibly – Mr. Incredible! (Disney/Pixar).  Superman is all over the printing on the package, but the doll is nowhere to be found inside.

Photo courtesy of Anonymous

Is it just me, or does Batman have way too many abs here?


You’d think that they couldn’t market this stuff in the US, but this picture was actually taken in San Francisco!  To make a plastic cast of these figurines costs way too much money unless you are producing tens of thousands at a time, so my guess is that the existing factories being subcontracted out to by Mattel, etc. are throwing these things together and reselling them in a new box.

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