Waterfall that draws pictures and characters (cool video)

posted on 6 Sep 2008 in Engrish Video

Judging from the amount of hits this video has you may have seen it already, but I had to share the coolest manmade waterfall ever (from Japan of course):

The Japanese title of the video says: “Pictures made of falling water”. ┬áThe video was taken from the opposite side, so the characters are mirrored.

The waterfall is found in “Canal City“, a large shopping and entertainment center in Fukuoka (Southern Japan).

  • snapdragon

    This is indeed pretty cool — but I’m not so sure this is a Japanese invention. I first saw something like this at least 4 years ago at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Very mesmerizing to watch though.

  • Spoony

    Reraxes us, this Raterfall.

  • Spoony

    And with much happy I’m add.

  • Nyna

    That is definitely very awesome!

  • Nuclear Chauffeur

    Now that’s some intense hydrodynamics there. I wonder what it would feel like to stand under that.

  • Eric

    Very much enjoy! Want happiness this creation for where my heart is attacked!

  • Che

    Perfect enjoy!

  • happiness

    I’ve seen something like that except with bubbles in Ontario Science Centre.

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