Piggy Hunk… I Mean Bank

posted on 5 Sep 2008 in Fun Products

The newest in piggy bank technology from Japan – this one, called “Ikemen Bank” is for lonely women who want to save money but are looking for extra incentive from a hunk who talks to you while you save. The tagline for the bank reads: “Save 50,000 yen ($500) in no time, while you feel all tingly inside!”



Here’s how it works: you can pick from 5 different studs (outlined below), who talk to you each time you place a 500 yen coin in the bank. In this diagram, the guy on the left says, “Hey you” while the guy on the right says, “I’ll make you happy, baby”.  There are over 100 sayings to keep you hooked, until you save 50,000 yen in the bank – leading to a ‘happy ending’. If you don’t keep putting money in the bank however, after 5 days they will leave you.



What is fascinating are the bios on the dudes themselves: 

1. Hayato is a ‘cool model’. He wears the best clothes, but they cost only 500 yen each. 

2. Ryo is an upbeat aspiring comedian. He never has more than 2629 yen in his wallet (about $26).

3. Shun is a kindhearted rich boy. He spends a lot of money, but ironically he works part time making cheap imitation roses as a sort of hobby. 

4. Takeru is a sports man that is younger than you. He is the best at saving money in the entire group. He goes as far as putting his soap in a net and using it until it is completely gone. 

5. Kanetsugu is an ‘open-minded’ older president of an IT company. Right now he is a bit stressed out from the latest shareholders meeting. He doesn’t talk too much.

Other features found on the bank include: 

  • Putting money in the bank puts your studs in a good mood. You can check their mood at any time.
  • Wake up to their sweet voices using the alarm feature. 
  • They’ll ‘beg you’ to put more money in (saying things like: “come on!” & “thank you!”)
Watch the interactive Flash demo here (in Japanese only). Some of the comments from the studs that show up on the bed include: “Let me caress you”, “Let’s meet at the bank. I’ll be waiting for you”, “You are so cute, I worry about you” and “Can I hug you? I want to kiss”. 
  • coffeebot

    Lose your drive to talk to real live humans and save money at the same time!

  • Spoony

    Prease don’t sliding coin in Spoony crevice, fank you.

  • Ell

    kinda cute

  • http://OCDaisy.spaces.live.com Figure.10

    I want my own bishie-bank! D:

  • The Rose that caption

    If they made Hetalia versions I would by them in a heartbeat

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