Snot-Crying Statue and other quirky photos…

posted on 4 Sep 2008 in Fun Links

Quirky Japan Blog is a photo blog showcasing a lot of cool and yes, quirky photos from Japan. 

I thought this entry from today was interesting – the boy in the statue is crying so hard that he actually has snot dripping from his nose. Gotta love the attention to detail. 















In another entry from today we see a “Harajuku Goth”. The make up is cool, and the colorful clothespins have a sort of je ne sais quoi


So what are you waiting for? He has a lot more cool pics to look through.

  • coffeebot

    Child cries bronze snot because of the lack of Pocket Wetty

  • maria

    how can anyone not be bothered? poor boy is crying!!! I feel sorry for him.

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