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posted on 31 Aug 2008 in Engrish Links

I am often asked: “What about the reverse of Engrish? Can’t you post westerners messing up Asian languages?”  I suppose I could try, but I would rather post a link to someone who does it right and has a vast knowledge of Chinese. Tian of has amassed a great collection of tattoos, clothing, etc. found on Americans that are mangled or have meanings other than what was originally intended.

Go now for happy thinkful Chinese character time!

  • Travis

    Have been a big fan of Hanzismatter and check always before the checking of!


  • coffeebot

    “stop woman flow” sounds suspiciously like “no woman no cry”

  • Jeff Peterson

    I would like to see more of the opposite of Engrish. I want to know what those kids with oversized tailpipes on their cars have to really say.

  • Geoff

    I never thought I would ever see Wales associated with a Chinese advert for tampons.

  • DieselDragon

    What makes no sense to me is why someone would have a tattoo of Wales, and then – Presumably – Have the name “Wales” (Or “Cymru” as it is in Welsh) written in *Chinese/Japanese* characters… 😐

  • jared higgins

    for years i have seen people with Chinese character tattoos, and have often wondered if those people know for sure if they even have it right. now i know that my pointing and snickering is justified ha ha ha !!!!

  • Hannah

    That Hanzismatter website is AWFUL! It sounds like it was written by a snobby 15 year old boy. Ugh! I thought had a bit more taste then that.

  • Catroast
    That’s the new location of Hanzi Smatter.

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