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posted on 30 Aug 2008 in Site

Please let me know in the comments if you see any error messages when surfing the site. We encountered a couple of small glitches here and there – which is to be expected with a new launch. I upped the memory on the server and it seems to be working much better since.

Thank you for you.

  • Jeff

    Yup, performance seems much smoother after a bit of rocky start this morning.

  • howeird

    404 erro clicking on “massage store” tab on

  • Leo

    404 error clicking on “What is Ingrish”-button on

  • leet3lite

    The engrish main page is completely broken. Even with javascript turned on, there are big empty spaces where the pictures should be. Please tell me you haven’t made this site Internet Explorer only…

    p.s. The comments fields are invisible. There are no borders, shading, 3d-style indents or anything… and the submit button is invisible too.

  • engrishwebmaster

    @lee3lite: What browser and platform are you using? This is the first I have heard of anything being completely broken. We have tested on all main browsers.


  • Morgan

    The links on the top of the main page don’t work. Also, you should think about putting CAPTCHAs in the comment submit areas.

  • Andreas Viklund

    Lovely to see (my old favorite humor site) running WordPress (my choice of site engine at most times), it made the day! Ever since I built I’ve had this in mind: “What if would work just as our site does, it would totally rock”. And here you are, with PostRatings and all. It will be a pleasure to follow the site in the future!

    By the way, the “caption this” feature was a nice move – we have not yet implemented that on – although we have hosted a couple of “caption this” contests for the visitors. I could provide you with some fresh ideas that we are working on that could also be interesting for you. If you want it, get in touch. If not, then keep up the great work.

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