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posted on 30 Aug 2008 in Engrish.com Site

New Engrish.com site occurs! As you can see Engrish.com has been completely redesigned from the up-ground. The site is now powered by WordPress, and features voting, caption commentary, email a friend, RSS feeds – the works.

Bye bye ye olde Engrish.com

Bye bye ye olde Engrish.com

Main Site: The main portion of the site is still gallery-driven with all your favorite Engrish intact. Thumbnails don’t work the same in WordPress so I have opted not to use them for now. Instead of regular commentary, I want to encourage everyone to come up with fun captions to enhance the humor of the Engrish posts. Anything other than captions may be deleted, unless it is informative and relevant to the Engrish.


The “Brog”: The focus of this “brog” section of the site will be to link to interesting Engrish phenomena around the net, and quirky Japan pop-culture references with insights from Yours Truly. I will scour the Japan blogosphere for interesting stuff and translate it at here!

New Store

New Engrish.com Store

The Store: The store has been completely revamped – now you can see all of our products on the front page. We have added 4 new t-shirt designs and 3 new books to our correction. The Engrish.com Store will continue to bring new products at a frantic pace throughout the year – you can look forward to more shirts, mug cups, print on demand cards and calendars, stickers, etc.

I want to thank Unique Blog Designs for their help in realizing my vision for a new Engrish portal. They are great designers and programmers and I highly recommend their services for anything WordPress.

I hope that you all enjoy the new layout. If not, you’ll get used to it.

  • http://agameaweek.com Jayenkai

    What a shock!

    A wonderful new design, for a wonderfry old website!


  • Silentlucidity

    An amazing change the appearance of Engrish! I look forward to the familiar look and feel that bring joy to many. Success is very happy to work!

  • Rocky Garner

    Please… change it back!

    The old site was way easier to navigate / look at. If you wanted to spice things up you ought to’ve just changed the wall paper again.

  • Anthony Stanley

    I just had someone know me about this place. Already I’m not as sure of where things went. I would like to return from this place to next.

  • engrishwebmaster

    @ Rocky & Anthony – I realize that it may take getting used to. All the posts are in the same categories as before – just no thumbnails. I tried to keep thumbnails but it doesn’t come out the same (it wont work with the captions). I will work to restore the thumbnail method of surfing as best I can. In the meantime you could try the search feature if you are looking for particular Engrish.

    I hope that you keep coming back for your Engrish fix. Thank you for your coming!

  • Anthony Stanley

    That’s cool with me. Thanks for the response. I get a kick out of this site. I’m holding back on telling my brother and his Taiwanese wife about it. They might take it the wrong way, even though it’s all in fun. Keep up the laughs.

  • http://idea15.wordpress.com Heather

    WordPress is give happy pleasure time! You take Permalink love.

  • http://www.documentary-log.com Tim

    Great ! This website never fails to make me laugh.
    Thanks, and
    “May your happy be in eternal bliss”

  • Thembones

    awesome! we love you long time….

  • Thembones

    But go ahead and get GRAVATARS enabled for these comments!

  • Patricia in Tokyo

    I’m already nostalgic for the old site, but enjoyed the brog to sources for the ridiculous tattoos clueless people engrave upon their epidermouses.

    Done well, pretty colors, and my thumbnails are on my hands, working fine. No problem.

  • http://exaggerator.blogdrive.com/ IludiumPhosdex

    Something you might want to include in the Engrish Links section, if not already:

    None other than PigeonD.net’s English=>Engrish Translator, which is found @ http://pigeond.net/e2e.html in case anybody wants to try creating their own Engrish.

  • http://booklady.wordpress.com Caryn

    Love the new site! I especially love that I can get Engrish by RSS feed now. Am off to check out your Twitters — another way to stay caught up.

  • Tarah

    Ahh nooo 😛 Why’d you change everything!

    I’m not crazy about this big bubbly thing going on… everything is much more cluttered-looking and huge for no reason… the top graphics really shouldn’t take up so much space, and there really shouldn’t be so many colours everywhere! So confusing :S

    The old site definitely was not beautiful, but it was a lot easier to navigate and more efficient. I guess it needed a facelift, but I think this was a bit much..

    Sorry for the criticism. I suppose I’ll get used to it.

    Anyway, keep it up! :)

  • “Huan”

    Bravo! I’m totally satisfied with my joy.

    So many upgrades leave me disappointed, but this one is GOOD. I went away for the weekend and got quite a shock today. The caption game is a very nice touch, and the brog is- well- very brog like. I haven’t tried every link, but I’ll work through it.

    It looks like there’s supposed to be little user icons here in the brog comments. I’d suggest just getting rid of those. I also miss the authentic grittering alligators.

  • Nyna

    I am rearry rike the new site. It is so for my happy joy! Lets Engrish! On down!

  • http://No@seriously There’s@no.field.name

    I have to agree with Tarah (Rabum deYay.) The decor is too big and takes away from the content rather than enhancing it.

    And would it hurt to label the fields in the comment form? :)

  • coffeebot

    we need more Grittering Gators, sir

  • Spoony

    The new site arouses me with great anticipation and arousal. It is well done, EWM. I’m feel enjoy this one very muchly.

  • serene

    you believe me not possibly but it is my intense anticipation and greatest ecstasy-like to declare this change the best around in a long time 😀
    i really love the new, better, easier navigation!
    and the laughs are as hernia inducing as ever 😀

  • http://filmnew.ru Gordei

    There is no magic skill.

  • http://OCDaisy.spaces.live.com Figure.10

    It’s so shiney and artsy…I love it. I think it’s one of the reasons I visit more than I used to.

    But before I go-


    ^ ^

  • John the Devil

    I have found this site again just yesterday and I’ve had some of the best laughs in quite some time, thanx to your great selection of stuff. I specially love the pencil cases and instruction texts. Dam!, It’s been a long time since I first stumbled upon your site like in 1998 or 99 and then it dissapeared to me, don’t remember why. I tried to look for you many times with no results cause I was sure the site was called “japanglish” and searched it that way.

    Thanx for being back in my young life, I really needed an everyday laughing for good health! Congratulations and thanx to the engrish producing countries for all the good moments!

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