4 New Shirts at the Engrish.com Store!

posted on 30 Aug 2008 in The Store/New Products

Have a purchase! From now on Engrish.com will be rolling out new t-shirt designs like there tomorrow not is. We are starting off the new store design with 4 great new shirts:

<strong>4 New Shirt Designs at the Engrish.com Store</strong>

4 New Shirt Designs at the Engrish.com Store

We are now exclusively using American Apparel shirts (made in the USA – no sweatshops) for all Engrish.com branded shirts. They are a bit costlier but you have been asking for them for years. I used to be a Hanes guy, but I am completely sold on American Apparel shirts – they are quite comfortable and the quality is much better.

  • D

    Hi, do you offer any of the new american apparel shirts in women’s sizes?

  • engrishwebmaster

    We will be soon (1 or 2 months from now), but we may not have it available for all of the designs at the beginning.

    We were using Bella branded shirts for a while which are also of the same quality – so I will probably continue using them for J-Teez shirts.

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